dreamstime_16871362These days, everyone is trying to sell you a snoring remedy. The problem is, if the various over-the-counter remedies have any effectiveness at all, it’s usually much less than many things you can do on your own, without trying a dozen ineffective alternatives.

Here are some things you should try for your snoring.

Change Your Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your back will worsen your snoring. This allows gravity to pull your airway narrower, which is the cause of snoring. For many casual snorers, changing to sleeping on your side is all that’s necessary to reduce or eliminate snoring.

You can start by just trying to sleep on your side, but if this isn’t working, you can sew a pocket on the back of your pajamas and put a tennis ball in it. This will keep you from sleeping on your back.

Keep a Snoring Diary

Intermittent snoring can be caused by many different factors that are controllable, but you have to identify which ones they are. This is where a snoring diary can come in handy. Keep a notebook by your bed, and before going to sleep note what you ate or drank, what you did, the weather, and any other notable factors about your day or your sleep preparation.

In the morning you and your spouse or other cosleeper can note your impressions of your snoring. This can help you figure out which factors may be responsible for your snoring, such as seasonal factors.

Cut Alcohol in the Evening

Alcohol consumption in the evening makes you much more likely to snore. Alcohol further relaxes neck muscles, allowing your airway to collapse more than usual. Don’t believe us? Your snore diary will probably reveal that the more you drink at night, the more you snore.

Consider Getting Tested for Allergies

For intermittent snorers, allergies are a common cause. If your family has a history of allergies but you think you escaped, you may be mistaken. Even when it’s not evident during the day, it may show up at night. Your snoring diary should help clue you in to what allergies might be responsible for your snoring.

Increase Exercise

For people in great shape, this may not really matter. But for most casual snorers, a lack of fitness contributes to snoring. Although specific exercises (such as singing exercises) may help with snoring, any increase of activity level can help, especially if you manage to lose a little weight.

When You Should See a Doctor or Sleep Dentist

People who are intermittent snorers should start with home care, but if you snore every night you should skip the quack remedies at the drugstore and get professional help for an effective snoring treatment.

If your snoring is accompanied by daytime sleepiness, lack of motivation, difficulty focusing, and cardiovascular conditions like high blood pressure, you may actually have a more serious problem: sleep apnea.

To learn more about snoring solutions that really work or get referred to a doctor who can diagnose sleep apnea, please call 402-493-4175 for an appointment at the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center in Omaha.