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Can Pink Noise Improve Your Sleep?

Trying to get quality sleep is one of the persistent challenges of modern life. People are always looking for new approaches to help them get good sleep. One of the more recent innovations in trying to get better sleep is pink noise generators. New research indicates that pink noise may be able to help people […]
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5 Things to Look for in a Snoring Treatment

If you have decided it’s time to do something about your snoring,your first step should be to verify that you are just snoring and don’t have sleep apnea. But then it’s time to choose a snoring treatment. This can be hard because there are so many options for and they’re increasing all the time. Here […]
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Supreme Court Won’t Hear Lawsuit against Sleep Apnea Screening

Although recently there has been a lot of attention focused on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) changing policies on screening and treatment, the issue has been affecting the trucking industry for many years. In fact, some companies noticed the potential problems related to sleep apnea nearly ten years ago, and instituted policies to […]