With the current expansion of snoring treatment options, we’re seeing an increased trend toward pushing a “free” trial of everything from throat sprays to CPAP machines. They will tell you that there’s no cost or risk to you, but don’t believe it.

The truth is that you may very well have significant costs from that free trial.

Shipping & Handling

Something that’s commonly tacked on to any “free” offer is: “You just pay shipping and handling.” This can be a substantial cost if you’re considering something bulky like a CPAP machine. And what is handling, anyway? Do we really want people handling our CPAP machines? It’s just an excuse to cover the cost of the supposedly free trial.

Additional Parts and Supplies

Another cost you can get roped into is the need for potential parts and supplies. These parts and supplies may not be vital to the immediate function of the device, but they are required if you want to perform regular maintenance or keep using a device long enough to get therapeutic benefit.

And when it comes to medications, you may receive a limited supply so that you’ll have to pay more to renew your supply.

Woman with CPAP

Subscription Service

Often, the free trial presupposes that you’re joining a subscription service. You may not ask for additional supplies or equipment. You may just forget to cancel the automatic subscription, or maybe not even know that you’ve started your subscription. Either way, you will end up paying for it.

Depending on the service, it can be hard to cancel the subscription and you may end up paying a significant fee for your “free” trial.

You’re on the List

Maybe you’re not technically subscribed to anything, but you’re definitely on the company’s list. You can count on them to hound you with follow-up orders trying to get you to buy additional products from them.

And when they can’t sell you, the odds are good that they’ll sell your name to someone trying to sell you something else. Expect phone calls, emails, texts, and junk mail trying to sell you many related products.


Being on the sales list for the free trial company is only one of the nuisances that comes from getting a free trial. Free offer products are often hard to use and come with few instructions. Trying to get the device to work can be a big nuisance, and they can keep you up at night when they’re supposed to help you sleep better.

Delay and Disillusionment

But perhaps the most serious cost of that free trial is that it keeps you from getting real treatment for your snoring or sleep apnea. All the time you spend wrestling with the free trial is time you’re not getting a proven, effective treatment. This means more time for your body to suffer the effects of sleep apnea, such as damage to the heart and the release of cancer-triggering molecules.

And sometimes people get fatigued from trying all the numerous snoring treatments out there. They become disillusioned and come to feel that their condition is untreatable. And that’s potentially deadly because it means you may never get sleep apnea treatment.

A Great Deal in Sleep Apnea Treatment

You might think that a free trial seems like a great deal. But just because something is cheap or free doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. Value makes something a good deal. And nothing is a better value in sleep apnea treatment than an effective, comfortable treatment.

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