Across the world, people suffer from sleeping problems that prevent them from getting the recommended seven to eight hours of rest each night. To combat these difficulties, some will try anything, from prescription drugs to herbal remedies to sleep masks, white noise machines and more. Still others enjoy falling asleep while listening to music which helps distract and relax their minds.

Which Song is Best?

Recently, representatives from Travelodge surveyed 2,000 adults to find out which bands they thought were best suited for promoting sleep. Ultimately, more people voted for Adele than any other so-called bedtime ‘snoozician,’ thanks to songs such as ‘Chasing Pavements’ and ‘Someone Like You.’ After all the votes were tallied, researchers noted that Cold Play came in a close second, with Snow Patrol and legendary soul legend, Barry White coming in third and fourth. After these artists, respondents voted for the following:

5. One Direction
6. Michael Buble
7. Cliff Richard
8. Frank Sinatra
9. Take That
10. Guns N Roses

Is Music the Answer?

Past sleep studies suggest that listening to relaxing music around bedtime helps to promote longer sleep durations and fewer instances of uncontrolled waking. That said, while soft music may have the ability to help healthy people fall asleep; it’s not a good solution for people who suffer from sleep apnea.

Answers for Sleep Apneics

If you have sleep apnea, music won’t provide any sort of real, lasting relief. Because breathing disruptions wake you at night, you need a proven sleep apnea remedy that targets the source of your problem. An oral appliance promotes clear, uninterrupted sleep by adjusting the jaw to open a sleeper’s airway. To learn more about this effective treatment, contact us today.