For a variety of reasons, many people sleep during the day when most of us are wide awake. If you are a day sleeper, you may not realize that you are every bit as susceptible to common sleep disorders such as sleep apnea as night sleepers. In fact, you are at a diagnostic disadvantage because you may not have someone sleeping next to you to tell you that you snore or stop breathing. No matter when you sleep or how long you sleep, everyone can suffer from sleep apnea.

You may also suffer from Shift Workers’ syndrome, which results from abnormal or irregular sleeping patterns, which can compound the symptoms of sleep apnea, and you may just chalking it up to needing more sleep. The reality is that what you need to better quality sleep, not just more of it, and the only way you’ll get better quality sleep if you have sleep apnea is to treat the condition.

No matter when you sleep, during the day or at night, sleep apnea is a danger. The important part is being aware of common symptoms of the condition and knowing when it’s time to seek help from a sleep physician as well as a dentist who offers sleep apnea treatment. Contact our office today if you experience sleepiness when awake, headaches upon wakening, fatigue, and constant snoring.