Most people agree that CPAP technology works well for patients who can tolerate it. Unfortunately, many people are unable to cope with the pressure sores, sense of claustrophobia and maddening noises often associated with CPAP-use. One of the biggest complaints of using CPAP is having to thoroughly clean the mask night after night. Most people wonder if there is an alternative solution like disposable CPAP masks.

CPAP parts being washed in a kitchen sink

Are Disposable CPAP Masks Available?

Years ago, you may have seen a commercial touting a company that claims to provide members brand new CPAP masks via mail every single month. According to the advertisement, because these masks are new and flexible, they fit better, which supposedly allows them to quell the frustrating noises typically associated with CPAP machines.

However, there are currently no disposable CPAP masks available. Instead, there are disposable CPAP filters that keep particles out of your CPAP machine so you can breathe clean air.

On top of not having any sort of disposable CPAP mask available, you also have to deal with cleaning the hoses and other compartments on the CPAP machine. If you dread cleaning your CPAP machine, you might be happier with a different sleep apnea treatment solution.

Alternative Sleep Apnea Treatments

Instead of spending 20 minutes per day thoroughly cleaning your CPAP mask, hoses and changing out the filter, you can use an alternative sleep apnea treatment instead. At The Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center, we offer several alternative sleep apnea treatments that don’t require as much effort to clean as CPAP. They also don’t lead to pressure sores, rashes, and the claustrophobic feeling. Your partner will also feel happy to know you don’t have a loud machine in the room anymore.

So what are these alternative sleep apnea treatments? Oral appliance therapy! Oral appliance therapy involves wearing an oral appliance in your mouth. It fits like a mouthguard and works by opening your airway. By pushing the lower jaw forward, it moves the soft tissue in your throat and your tongue forward too. After you wake up in the morning, brush the oral appliance with a soft bristle toothbrush and mild dish soap or denture cleaner. Avoid using boiling or hot water as it can warp the appliance.

All it takes is just a few minutes per day to clean your oral appliance. You will also not deal with hoses, the discomfort of CPAP and still get the same amazing sleep apnea results.

Contact one of our sleep dentists at The Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center for a new patient appointment to find out which type of oral appliance is right for you. Please call us at (402) 493-4175 today to get started!