The art of aesthetics and what truly makes someone more appealing than the next has been a long-studied subject that continues to bring about new research and findings. Most recently, a group of researchers, the Face Perception Group, conducted a study in efforts to find out what really attracts women to a certain man. To gather research, the group used 34 photographs of Caucasian men and 41 of African men. All photographs were taken in highly-controlled environments and each picture was shown to women of various ages and ethnicities.

Despite the age and race differences, results of the study found that women were most attracted to men with high amounts of golden hue to their skin. This golden hue is commonly associated with being generally healthy, which apparently makes someone more attractive and appealing.

In the end, the study proved that the color and hue of the facial skin is obviously a factor in how attractive someone is or isn’t. The overall color and hue of the skin, especially the facial skin, is determined by our diets as well as how well we sleep each night. The level of carotenoid pigments in the skin directly impacts the color of the skin, and these levels are increased through a diet full of fruits and vegetables.

Sleep Makes You Attractive

At the same time, sleep also plays a part in your skin’s hue and color. People who do not get enough sleep or enough quality sleep often look pale, flushed, and dull when compared to people who get great sleep at night. This is because during sleep, melatonin levels are regulated and without enough sleep, the cycle can be constantly interrupted and left imbalanced.

There is no one thing that causes someone to suffer from poor sleep. It could be as simple as a poor sleeping position or something more serious, such as a sleep disorder. Sleep apnea is a very common sleep disorder that is known to cause poor sleep which then leads to fatigue and tiredness that can negatively impact your appearance.

If you have suffered from poor sleep on a constant basis and find that you are drowsy and tired during the day, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. To learn more about a sleep apnea treatment that can improve your sleep and help you look your best, call or email us today.