Between the launch of Disney+, which makes all the Star Wars movies more accessible and the release of the last movie in the epic sequence, Rise of Skywalker, many people are going back to rewatch the old movies, where Darth Vader is a towering dark figure. But he’s also a symbol of how we can redeem those close to us through our love and dedication.

Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not, you surely know of Darth Vader and the infamous breathing sound he makes through his gleaming black mask. Could you imagine listening to such a sound all night long? Some CPAP users compare the sound of the machine to that of Darth Vader, and many have difficulty tolerating the noise on a nightly basis.

The Sounds of Suffering

A recent story posted online described the accounts of a woman who sleeps next to her CPAP-using husband each night. She described the machine as one that causes whooshing noises, as well as “mask farts” and even high-pitched squeals. To help reduce such noises, some can have their CPAP mask adjusted; however, this doesn’t always work.

While the noises caused by a CPAP machine are enough to have some sleep apneics seeking another option, others stray from the technology because they simply don’t want to wear a mask each night. For many patients, wearing a mask is too unnatural, and for patients with claustrophobia, it can be downright scary. Because of this, some sleep apneics are said to be CPAP-intolerant, which in some cases causes a patient to neglect treatment altogether.

Help Me Take This Mask Off

One of the most powerful moments in the original trilogy comes in Return of the Jedi, when Darth Vader, badly wounded, pleads with his son Luke Skywalker, “Help me take this mask off.” Darth Vader is dying and he wants to finally see his son with his natural eyes, not through the screens of the mask. In a very similar way, a CPAP mask can be isolating in the way it separates people from their loved ones. Although Darth Vader is dying, he has been redeemed by his son. Therefore he is reborn and can enjoy salvation and an eternal afterlife. In many ways, people feel reborn when they can get free of their CPAP and still treat their sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is serious. If you have it, you must treat it. After all, it contributed to the death of Carrie Fisher, one of Star Wars‘ most recognizable actors. However, that doesn’t always mean CPAP. CPAP is the gold standard and the go-to method of treatment for patients diagnosed with sleep apnea; however, the treatment doesn’t work for everyone. Nor is it always necessary. Patients should know that there are other treatment options, such as oral appliance therapy, that have proved to be just as effective. If someone you love is suffering because of CPAP, let them know they might have other options.

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