Insomnia is a big problem for numerous U.S. workers, who have trouble performing, thanks to fatigue and daytime drowsiness. Now, new research has brought attention to this issue, and the results are troubling.

Significant Problem

A new study published in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry suggests that inadequate sleep is directly or indirectly responsible for 274,000 workplace accidents and errors each year. According to researchers, these occurrences aren’t just hazardous, they are expensive. The study estimated that these types of workplace problems cost American businesses about $31 billion each year.

Sleep Apnea Plays a Role

Since sleep apnea causes breathing disruptions, sufferers tend to wake frequently at night. This promotes chronic insomnia, which makes it hard for sleep apneics to perform at work. Insufficient sleep has also been linked to serious medical problems, such as dementia, diabetes and heart disease.

Seeking Help

As more research uncovers the importance of sleep, more people are looking for help. If you are having nightly breathing disruptions that are promoting insomnia, We can provide a treatment for sleep apnea that works without the annoying issues associated with CPAP therapy. Contact us for more information.