James Gandolfini’s death saddened countless people; however, it may have positive implications for the millions of Americans who have been neglecting their health. According to various media reports, the Sopranos star suffered a deadly heart attack while vacationing in Italy. Sadly, many medical experts believe his death could have been prevented had he addressed specific health issues that inevitably contributed to his passing.

Was it Inevitable?

Like countless other people, Gandolfini was seriously overweight; however, several reports indicate that he suffered from other issues which increased his risk for heart problems. Many who were close to Gandolfini say the actor snored heavily; and several medical professionals have speculated that he also likely suffered from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Whatever the truth, Gandolfini missed the opportunity to extend his life by focusing on his health. Fortunately, however, it appears that many people are using this tragedy as motivation to get in better shape.

Shedding Weight

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, millions of Americans are overweight or obese. Studies have shown that by losing even just a few pounds, people can drastically lower their risk for heart disease, helping to naturally treat sleep apnea. That said, research has shown that certain types of fat are worse than others. A growing body of evidence has linked fat around the midsection to fatal heart attacks. If you have belly fat, you are especially vulnerable to life-threatening cardiovascular problems.


While it can be harmless in some instances, snoring is often a symptom of sleep apnea: a serious disorder that’s been linked to several deadly health problems. Research has demonstrated that having OSA significantly increases a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease. This dangerous disorder has also been linked to diabetes, dementia, cancer and more.

We tend to associate sleep apnea and snoring with obesity; however, virtually anyone can suffer from these problems no matter how much they weigh. If you experience daytime fatigue or frequent waking in addition to snoring, you could have OSA. If so, you are at risk for serious health problems.

Don’t let your life turn tragic; contact us to find out how you can get tested for OSA. If you are positively diagnosed, we can offer a reliable sleep apnea treatment that will have you sleeping peacefully through the night. To learn more, contact his office today.