It’s common for spouses and significant others to be the first line of warning when someone is a snorer. The loud volume of snoring keeps them from sleeping in many cases, but this isn’t always true. Just as you can often sleep through your own snoring, your cosleeper may also stay asleep, no matter how loud your snoring, as is shown by this funny video of a man from Sydney and his girlfriend.

Happy couple sleeing

The Walls Were Shaking

The short video was shot by one of the man’s roommates. Although his girlfriend is able to sleep through his snoring, none of the roommates are. They complain that his snoring is so loud that nobody else in the house can sleep. They report his snoring makes the walls shake, and that they can hear his snoring when they drive up to the building. They have moved down to couches in another part of the house to try to get further away from the sound, though this does not work.

The roommates have also tried other solutions such as getting to sleep before the snorer does. They did not mention trying to remove him from the house.

No Harm, No Foul?

But let’s assume that this man marries the girlfriend who is perfectly suited to his snoring and they move out to a house together with no one else to be disturbed by the sound. In that situation, should he just let his snoring continue, since it’s not disturbing anyone?

No. Snoring is a potential sign of serious health conditions like sleep apnea. The louder his snoring, the more likely that he has serious sleep apnea. He and his partner might also not understand just how seriously snoring is impacting their sleep. They might sleep through it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t disturbing their sleep. And snoring itself shows that the man’s breathing is restricted during sleep, resulting in a potential oxygen shortage that can affect his health.

Even if your snoring isn’t waking anyone, it should be taken seriously. At the very least, it’s important to have a sleep study that can determine whether your snoring is impacting your health.

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