Man bored at his office.Remember when life was exciting? You enjoyed life every day, and there were so many great things in it. You had an interesting job. You had friends you loved to hang out with. You had a thrilling love life. And you had dreams about the future.

But now it seems like everything is changed, and all the things you used to love are either gone or have lost their interest, and you can barely make it through the day without falling asleep. Well, if that’s you, it may be that it’s your sleep, and not your life that’s the problem. Sleep apnea may be sapping all the joy from your life, leaving you with the drab dregs of the day.

You Used to Be Excited about Your Job

It’s funny how often our brains confuse cause and effect. You might be thinking your job is so boring that it’s making you fall asleep at your desk every afternoon. But the truth might be that it’s sleep apnea which is making you fall asleep, which in turn makes you think your job is boring.

One thing that makes your job exciting is being good at it. If you are suffering from memory or thinking problems, you can’t see the same opportunities you used to, and without those exciting opportunities, your job can become a real drag.

You Used to Have a Full Life

Life is exciting when it’s full to the brim with great things. Not just your job, but your friends and your hobbies, too. But nowadays you might find that every time friends call you don’t have the energy to go out. And when you get home, you’re lucky if you have enough energy to stay awake to watch a show on TV, let alone pull out that novel, practice music, or work on a craft project.

The Spark of Love Is Gone

Remember when you looked at your girlfriend with passion? And then she became your wife and you felt so blessed and happy? What happened to those days? Now the passion is all gone and it seems like all you do is bicker.

Sleep apnea can sap your passion in a lot of ways. Not only do you not have the energy to do anything together, but you may experience sexual dysfunction that is comparable to low testosterone.

And your snoring might be at the root of your fights. Even if your snoring doesn’t come up, it may be the reason why you can't seem to agree on anything anymore.

Find Your Joy Again

It might not be that your life is any more boring than it’s ever been. Instead, sleep apnea could be preventing you from enjoying life to its fullest. Many people report that sleep apnea treatment gives them renewed energy to enjoy life the way they used to.

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