Although there are currently many snoring treatments available, now there’s one more. Recently, the FDA cleared Rhinomed’s Mute technology for sale in the US. The technology claims to be able to expand the nostrils to improve air flow, resulting in reduced snoring.

Middle aged couple in bed together, with the wife awake from her husband's snoring.

More Effective Than Breathing Strips

The new snoring product is specifically targeted to people whose snoring originates in the nose, and likely has no effect on people whose snoring originates from the mouth or throat. However, for those whose snoring originates in the nose, this new treatment option is more effective than the breathing strips often marketed for that purpose.

Premarketing studies demonstrated the effectiveness of Mute for people with nasal snoring. The studies showed that Mute reduced snoring in 75% of the 118 patients enrolled, while improving sleep breathing for 78%.

Partners of the snorers also reported significant improvements. They said that when wearing the Mute, snoring severity reduced by 73%, snoring volume reduced by 67%, frequency reduced by 63%, and duration reduced by 65%.

Both groups reported improved sleep. Only 21% of snorers reported excellent sleep before using Mute, but 57% reported excellent sleep after. Among partners of snorers, sleep quality improved even more, going from 14% reporting excellent sleep to 57%.

Limiting Expectations

Of course, all of this information comes from a single, unpublished trial sponsored by the manufacturer of the device. The study was also not placebo-controlled and is just based on survey results with no objective measures, so its findings are of limited credibility.

Finally, even if we accept that the technology produces the results promoted here, it’s still only likely to be effective for people whose snoring originates in the nose. As such, it’s not likely to help people who would benefit from oral appliances.

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