It’s referred to as “sleep machismo,” bragging about how you can get by on four or five hours of sleep, and its rampant among college football players. However, at Northwestern University, the coaches are trying to put a stop to it by encouraging their football players to get more and better sleep.

football scrimmageA Sleep Study Drives Awareness

Three undergraduate students at the McCormick School of Engineering are promoting the study of how much sleep can impact players’ performance on the field and in the classroom. To accomplish their study, they have asked 100 football players to wear motion sensor armbands that track the quality and quantity of their sleep. The data is collected voluntarily from the students, and is shared with the football coaches to help coaches encourage their players to get the right amount of rest.

When players were given their armbands, they were educated on the proper amount of sleep, how to create a restful sleep environment, and when and how long to nap for. They’ve even set up mandated nap times so players get an optimal amount of sleep. So far, the sleep advice seems to be working well. Although Northwestern dropped their most recent game to Ohio State, they are still 4-1, making them very competitive in the tough Big 10 Conference. And we’ll get to see whether their sleep strategy serves them well when they play our Cornhuskers on November 2nd.

What Is Being Affected By Your Lack of Sleep?

Do you feel like you’re having a hard time keeping track of your budget? Do you keep making minor mistakes at work? Have you had a couple fender benders? Are you trying to lose weight but failing? Are you experiencing tension in your personal relationships?

Sleep deprivation can affect all these aspects of your life and more. If you find you’re waking up tired every morning, or, really, any time you need your alarm to wake you up in the morning, you should be evaluated for sleep apnea to determine whether you suffer from this dangerous, potentially deadly sleep condition.

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