An Omaha woman has been without her CPAP for more than a year since, she claims, Greyhound lost it along with her luggage. Because of the bulk of the bag carrying her CPAP machine, she was asked to put it under the bus rather than keep it with her. And, she claims, when she got to her destination there was no bag and no CPAP machine.

She has attempted to get reimbursement from the bus company, but was only paid $250. The CPAP machine alone, she says, was worth $3000.

Greyhound bus

Last Seen at a Connection

The woman wanted to see the country from a Greyhound bus, so she booked tickets to the West Coast. The first stop in her trip was a connection in Kansas City.

The woman wanted to have her CPAP machine with her in the passenger compartment. This is understandable. Not only would she not want to lose it, she’d want to use it. On a cross-country bus trip, you will be sleeping on the bus for a couple of nights. However, even if you had a travel CPAP, you might not find a way to use it in the crowded confines of the bus.

But she was told that she would have to “check” the bag containing the machine into the luggage compartment under the bus. She confirmed that the bag made the transfer with her, but when she got to her destination, the bag was gone.

She sent in an itemized loss sheet to Greyhound, but she was only reimbursed $250. That’s the maximum amount a person can claim without having purchased additional insurance. She claims that the entire value of her loss was $6000, including the CPAP machine. She says that loss is a loss for Nebraska taxpayers as well, who bought the first one through Medicaid and now are buying a replacement.

Oral Appliances Are Better for Travel

Even if you appreciate using a CPAP machine at home (most people don’t), an oral appliance is better for travel. You will never have to put it in a checked bag, reducing the risk that lost luggage will also mean you have to do without sleep apnea treatment.

And you won’t have to deal with the hassle of batteries or power adapters on your trip. There won’t be a worry that you won’t have an outlet or a table close enough to use your CPAP machine.

Best of all, you’ll be able to to use your oral appliance while you travel. If you are sleeping on a plane or bus, CPAP is difficult. But an oral appliance is as easy and convenient as at home.

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