We know that treating sleep can prove to be complicated – for both providers and patients. We are expanding our services in an effort to become Omaha’s first and only one stop shop for sleep. From start to finish, we strive to see that every single patient who walks through our door is successfully treated.

Man sleeping in bed

Home Sleep Testing. In most cases, we can send out a diagnostic Home Sleep Test (HST) the day of a patient’s first appointment for someone who is not diagnosed or who has an aged sleep study. This test is then read and interpreted by a Board-Certified Sleep Physician.

CPAP. We now have a Registered Respiratory Therapist on board, so we can now offer our patients a CPAP right from our office. This is great for patients who need immediate therapy, or whose insurance requires a CPAP. We also have some patients who benefit greatly from combination therapy. Often in a regular medical setting, someone starts with a CPAP because that is the gold standard for treatment. But then they drop out of treatment, and you, as a provider, never hear about it. This solves that issue. We promise to follow up with those who get a CPAP from our office. If after working through issues, they still cannot tolerate it, we will move on to an oral appliance. These patients will not fall through the cracks.

somnodent oral applianceOral Appliances. We continue to offer oral appliances to patients who prefer this therapy. And we continue to offer a Treatment Guarantee for those who start with an oral appliance. If we cannot sufficiently treat a patient’s apnea whose initial treatment was an oral appliance, we will switch them over to a CPAP at no additional out of pocket cost to them. All oral appliances are monitored via home sleep tests so we can objectively measure results and ensure patients are adequately treated.

Regardless of treatment modality, our promise is to make the process as easy and seamless as possible. Because our office is 100% dedicated to sleep, we have the ability to guide both providers and patients with the necessary paperwork and documentation needed to get effective treatment as quickly as possible.

Do you have a patient who isn’t diagnosed? No problem, we can guide that.

Do you have a patient who has already tried and failed CPAP? No problem, we can successfully treat that patient.

Do you have a patient who isn’t sure which treatment would work best for them? No problem, we can educate and work with a board-certified sleep physician to determine treatment that would be best for them.

Know that we are in-network providers with virtually every medical insurance, including Medicare and Tricare. Patients know what their estimated out of pocket costs are before moving forward with anything. And you of course will be updated on treatment progress throughout.

We understand the breadth of issues you handle, and among all of those, we understand the follow-up and steps needed to get a patient’s sleep issues handled. And that’s just sleep! We sincerely hope that this solution helps you and helps your patients, and that our partnership can continue to grow. Sleep is just one component of a person’s health. But it’s one component that truly affects all of the others.