Commonly, the go-to treatment for sleep apnea is the use of CPAP technology. CPAP has proved to be highly effective and efficient in treating sleep apnea, because the machine is able to keep sleep apnea sufferers breathing properly throughout the night. Using a CPAP machine requires patients to wear a mask to sleep each night, so oxygen can be delivered through the machine’s hose on a constant basis. Though CPAP is definitely the gold-standard in sleep apnea treatment, many sufferers complain that wearing the uncomfortable mask can make sleeping soundly impossible. Unfortunately, this problem puts many sufferers in a a catch-22 situation: troubled, unsafe sleep or an uncomfortable mask.

Acurest, a company specializing in the creation of CPAP nasal masks, now offers personally-designed and fitted masks in an attempt to help minimize the discomfort of normal CPAP masks. The company offers masks designed to take the sleep apnea sufferer’s facial shape into consideration. With a more customized mask, Acurest hopes to provide a new level of comfort.

Are Personalized Masks The Answer To All CPAP Complaints?

On its own, CPAP is a very dependable treatment for sleep apnea; however, while new masks may solve one of the many complaints that CPAP-users have, the fact is that newly designed masks are not a foolproof fix. In many cases, any type of mask is an inconvenience for sleep apnea sufferers, especially for claustrophobic patients and those who live in humid climates, where the mask may be uncomfortable due to environmental temperatures.

The uncomfortable mask isn’t the only common complaint associated with CPAP machines. Some users also find the machine too noisy, too immobile, and just not suited to their lifestyle. For these types of people, oral appliance therapy is a much better option.

To learn more about oral appliance therapy as a treatment for sleep apnea, call us office to schedule a consultation. Oral appliance therapy does not involve the use of a machine and is much more comfortable when compared to CPAP. Call our office today at (402) 493-4175 to learn more about this alternative sleep apnea treatment.