If you have sleep apnea, it’s important to get a treatment that works for you. And, while your medical provider may recommend CPAP, that is not a solution that works for everyone. Instead, you may want to work with a sleep dentist who can provide comfortable, convenient oral appliance therapy, which works very well, but is more compatible with many people’s sleep habits.

The problem then is how to choose your sleep dentist. Carefully research your sleep dentist before making a decision.

Is the Dentist Experienced in Treating Sleep Apnea?

Research Your Sleep Dentist

Some dentists claim to do sleep apnea treatment, but list no sleep apnea training on their website. Check for evidence that a dentist has taken training in sleep apnea treatment, and look for evidence that they have successfully treated sleep apnea cases.

Another possible indicator that a dentist may not have much experience treating sleep apnea is if it’s listed as one of a dozen (or more) services offered. It’s really tough to be an expert at 12 things.

In contrast, our sleep dentists are one of the most highly-trained and widely-recognized sleep dentists in the nation. He has taken extensive training in sleep dentistry and has earned the distinguished status of Diplomate and Fellow by numerous credentialing boards. He is also honored to have been elected President of the American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine.

Our sleep clinic has been treating sleep apnea for more than 30 years, and we have numerous reviews and case studies to prove it, including the story of a local firefighter who we helped overcome his sleep apnea, dedicated to provide the best sleep apnea treatment possible that he worked to get his  facility accredited by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. There are only 60 accredited facilities in the entire country!

Do They Give You Treatment Options?

One of the benefits of training and experience is the ability to offer a wide range of sleep apnea solutions. When doing this all day, every day, you understand that not all people benefit from the same treatment option, and you’ve learned which ones can help people in which situation.

However, when you first learn to treat sleep apnea, you may learn just one type of sleep appliance, especially if your only sleep training has been sponsored by the maker of that appliance. While the appliance might work for some people just fine, there’s no reason to believe that it will work for every person.  Not every person is the same, therefore it’s silly to think everyone’s solution will be the same. But a dentist at a practice that only offers the one appliance won’t tell you that. First of all, they might not know any better. And, second of all, they might not tell you if they did.

We offer various treatment options and choose from numerous oral appliances, and we are also prepared to refer you to someone else if the oral appliance is inappropriate for you and we feel you will benefit from a different approach.

Choose Sleep Experts

If you are suffering from sleep apnea, and you are looking for a comfortable, convenient treatment option, you want to choose dedicated sleep dentists.

Look at a dentist’s website and look for signs whether they actually know what they’re doing. Here are three warning signs that a dentist might not be an expert:

  • No training, little training, or only very recent training in sleep apnea.  How many oral appliances have they actually made for patients? For reference, we have delivered several thousand oral appliances.
  • Only offering one sleep appliance
  • No case studies or reviews about sleep apnea

If you see any of these warning signs, run, don’t walk from their site and look for a true expert in sleep apnea treatment.

To learn more about what sets the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center apart, please call (402) 493-4175 today for an appointment or browse our website. The evidence of our experience, training, and results are everywhere.