Sleep apnea can make life miserable by promoting sleeplessness, daytime drowsiness and chronic fatigue. That said, many people fail to realize what else this dangerous disorder can do. Countless studies have linked sleep apnea to a myriad of health problems that can threaten lives. In fact, one recent study indicates that this troublesome disorder could be just as dangerous as a well-known disease.

Study Highlights Risk

New research suggests that sleep apnea may be just as hard on the heart as diabetes. Scheduled for presentation at the annual meeting of the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging, the study looked at three groups of 20 people: one consisting of diabetics, one of sleep apneics and one of 100 percent healthy subjects.

Ultimately, researchers found that subjects in the sleep apneic group appeared to have the same level of endothelial dysfunction as participants in the diabetic group. Endothelial dysfunction refers to a condition in which the lining within blood vessels functions improperly.

Stop and Take Notice

Every day, people go about their lives to the tune of responsibilities and busy schedules. Unfortunately, because breathing disruptions keep them up at night, sleep apneics have difficulty performing at their best. This can make life unpleasant and trying.

With that being said, beneath the surface, sleep apnea could also be causing irreparable harm to a sufferer’s health. Study after study has shown that this dangerous disorder can shorten lives by causing or contributing to all sorts of medical problems, from dementia to diabetes to heart disease and more.

If you have sleep apnea, recognize that your long-term health is at risk. A quality sleep apnea treatment can alleviate breathing disruptions, so you can get the sleep you need each and every night.

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