We all realize just how hard it can be to perform well at work after a bad night of sleep. Weak focus and fatigue can make it difficult to meet deadlines and complete important projects. Now, new research indicates that inadequate sleep can also impair our romantic faculties.

Altering Romantic Perceptions

Embarrassed manA recent study indicates that sleep-deprived men find it more difficult to interpret romantic interest. Conducted at Hendrix College, in Arkansas, the research involved a number of men, who all appeared to have a healthy, typical interest in sex. To get a baseline assessment of each man’s perceptions, the researchers gathered views on specific romantic situations. Then, they had the participants to remain awake all night before asking them similar questions. In the end, sleep deprivation seemed to seriously impact the way the men viewed romantic interactions. While they can’t say for sure, the researchers believe this may be related to how sleep impacts the frontal lobe of the male brain.

A Drop in the Bucket

Insufficient sleep has the ability to affect numerous areas of our lives. Research has clearly demonstrated that insufficient sleep can promote low fertility, sexual dysfunction and low testosterone in men. Other studies have linked sleeping problems with deadly medical issues, such as cancer, dementia, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Do Something About it

If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), you are susceptible to the disturbing impact of inadequate sleep. Because it results in shallow sleep and frequent waking, this serious problem can promote sleep deprivation, which is proven to come with disturbing consequences. Fortunately, by providing a simple remedy for OSA, We can have you sleeping much better at night.

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