young girl grumpy and frowningSleep difficulties affect numerous American children, who are exposed to stimulating technology and caffeinated beverages that keep them awake at night. While occasional sleep problems might be a relatively normal part of modern society; when snoring plays a role, parents should worry.

Experts Issue New Guidelines

The American Academy of Pediatrics has released new guidelines warning parents to have their snoring children tested for sleep apnea. A serious disorder that promotes breathing problems during sleep, sleep apnea has been associated with behavioral and learning problems in adolescents.

Unfortunately, since kids often sleep by themselves, their snoring can often go undetected. That said, when kids are suffering from sleep apnea, parents may notice other symptoms, such as depression, poor academic performance, chronic fatigue and daytime drowsiness.

Seeking Help

If your child is showing signs of sleep apnea, a sleep study can provide an accurate diagnosis. If your son or daughter receives a positive diagnosis, there are several treatments available, including surgical procedures and CPAP technology, which uses pressure to keep the airways open at night. Unfortunately, invasive surgeries don’t always work, and many kids simply cannot tolerate CPAP masks.

Fortunately, patients can find a reliable treatment when they contact us. To learn how oral appliance therapy can help your child sleep through the night, contact his office today.