Believe it or not, if you snore at night, you will probably net less money this year when compared to someone who does not snore who has the same job.

People who snore on a nightly basis and suffer from other symptoms such as headaches, drowsiness, and a lack of concentration throughout the day are often diagnosed with sleep apnea, a condition known to wreak havoc on the body’s natural sleeping pattern and the body as a whole. Sleep apnea has been linked to all sorts of health factors and recently a common symptom of the condition, snoring, has been linked to one’s financial success.

When looking at workers who snore, it’s not entirely surprising that their pay check may feel the after effects of snoring. Studies have shown that snorers not only earn less money, but they tend to spend more at the same time. On a yearly basis, someone who snores spends almost $1,000 looking for an at home solution. Those who snore because of sleep apnea are more than likely to spend $5,000 a year. People with obesity hypoventilation spend almost $13,000 a year seeking out a cure. The more one spends, the less money they are able to save.

Not only may snorers spend more, but they tend to earn less as well. Those with untreated sleep disorders often suffer from symptoms that impact them during the daytime. This includes drowsiness, lack of concentration, moodiness, a lack of energy, and others. Sleep disorders even play part in unemployment rates. If you’re tired and can’t concentrate, you’re more likely to make mistakes that would lead to being passed over for a promotion or perhaps fired altogether. Some source indicate that people with sleep apnea or some other sleep disorder make up about 30% of the jobless population.

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