People who get their sleep apnea successfully treated talk about how tremendously life-changing an event it is. You may not believe this at first. It’s common for people to dismiss their sleep apnea as not a big deal. Even when presented with the major health risks of sleep apnea, these seem distant and may not sway them to actually seek treatment.

But if you look at how sleep apnea could be impacting your life every minute of every day, you may decide to change your mind.

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When You Wake Up

If you currently have trouble getting up in the morning, that could all change with sleep apnea treatment. Sleep experts say that people who are getting enough rest shouldn’t need an alarm clock to wake up at all, especially in the summer when the sun comes up so early. If you currently rely on your alarm to waken you in the morning, and maybe you even have to hit the snooze button a couple times, sleep apnea treatment could change that–you’ll have the energy to get right up.

Instead of waking up exhausted, you’ll wake up feeling energized. You’ll feel like you actually slept at night, instead of constantly waking.

And if you’re currently waking up with headaches, you can say goodbye to those, too. Many people wake with headaches because of the constant sleep disturbances and oxygen deprivation throughout the night. If your sleep apnea is treated, you can enjoy waking up without these headaches.

Your Workday

How many cups of coffee do you typically need to get started in the morning? If the answer is more than one, you may be dragging as a result of your sleep apnea. When your sleep apnea is treated, you’ll be ready to start your day without too much need for stimulation.

Do you currently doze off when driving into work in the morning? What about the commute home? If you do fall asleep, then that’s something else that will improve when you get your sleep apnea treated.

Did you used to love your job, but now you find it’s boring, or nothing but one big hassle? It may not be your job that’s changed: it could be your sleep apnea. Sleep apnea saps our energy, our creativity, and makes it hard for us to work with people. We’re too tired and irritable to have good relationships with coworkers.

And in the afternoon, do you need another cup of coffee, soda, or tea just to stay awake? Or do you get by with snacks from the vending machine? This is another symptom of sleep apnea: afternoon sleepiness that causes you to snack more or rely on caffeine.

Your Evening

Do you find that you don’t have energy to do anything in the evening? Do your spouse and kids cause you constant annoyance when you walk in the door? Are you constantly dozing off while trying to watch TV after dinner? Are your libido and performance suffering?

These are all potential effects of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can sap your energy for everything. It can make you less empathetic and more easily annoyed. It can disrupt your sexual desire and impair your sexual function.

Live the Life You Want to Live

Many people feel like they’re suffering the normal symptoms of aging, when what they’re really suffering is the life-draining symptoms of sleep apnea. Treating your sleep apnea will give you more energy to enjoy more of your life.

And it can give you more days to enjoy, too, since it can reduce your risk of major complications related to sleep apnea.

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