Sometimes we hear concerns from providers that oral appliances cost too much – either a perception of their own or one they hear from their patients.  In our office, the average out-ofw-pocket cost of treatment so far in 2018 is $972.  As a medical provider, everything we do goes through medical insurance, so everybody’s cost is different, depending on their individual plan coverage.  That being said, all of our patients know their out-of-pocket cost before moving forward with treatment.

Cost Is Relative

One way to look at this topic is to compare the cost of the oral appliance vs. the cost of something it could prevent – for example a stroke or a heart attack.  This is not lifetime cost, this is just the cost of the hospital stay associated with one of these things; it doesn’t include any needed surgery or medications for example.  Looking at it this way, it costs about 10 times more after having a stroke and 22 times more after having a heart attack, than it would have cost to get an oral appliance to prevent these things.  Looking at it this way, it’s pretty clear where the real costs lie.

Cost of Treatment

** Oral appliance cost is the 2018 average out of pocket cost at Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center.  Includes digital scans, appliance fabrication and insertion, and one follow-up appointment.

*** Hospital cost stay source:,

Cost Justification

Most everybody we know has a smart phone or a large TV.  One way I’ve heard someone justify the cost of these is, “well, it’s something I use every single day, so really over time the cost isn’t so much”.  But then we hear that oral appliances cost too much.  Using that same argument, an oral appliance is also something that is used every day.  And not only that, it literally saves lives and normalizes many, many health risks!  So what really is “too much”? 

Cost of Non-Treatment

Something we really focus on in our office are the effects of treatment.  What would normalizing health risks mean for our patient? What short-term benefits do they get to experience? Does it mean they get more quality years with their kids or their grandkids?  Does it mean they can stay awake at work, and keep their much-needed job?  Maybe it means they can finally sleep in the same bed with their spouse again and save their marriage.  Treatment is so important – both now and in the future.

What’s Your True Cost Of Not Being Treated?

The Cost of Treatment


Ask any cancer or stroke victim: if you could’ve paid $1,000 four years ago and that would’ve meant you did not get the cancer or have the stroke, would you have done it?  $4,000?  $10,000?  What is the monetary value of health?

Treatment Today is Important!

If you suspect a patient has sleep apnea (we have a great screener on our website), order them a sleep study ASAP!  If you’ve already prescribed CPAP, you want to make sure your patient is giving it a fair try. However, if they can’t adapt to CPAP, there’s no reason to stick with that failing treatment. We will take great care of your patients who refuse to try a CPAP or have found themselves intolerant.  Please fax the referral to (877) 811-8129 or refer them via our website so our team at the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center can help.