People who are overweight have a higher chance of suffering from sleep apnea, especially obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This is because excess body fat can store in a variety of places, sometimes within the neck and throat area. When this happens these excess fat deposits can cause the airway to collapse which then causes obstruction and cessations in breathing. In the case of an overweight patient suffering from sleep apnea, weight loss most definitely plays an important role in successful sleep apnea treatment.

When treating sleep apnea, every patient is different. In the event of an overweight sleep apneic, treatment should be done on two fronts: weight loss and use of a proven sleep apnea treatment technology (most patients prefer oral appliances over CPAP). Without weight loss, treatment may not be as effective as required because the fat deposits in the throat counteract the sleep apnea treatment that hopes to open the airway. When sleep apneics are able to lose weight, they often find that they have much more energy and momentum, but they typically can’t lose the weight without the energy they get from the restful sleep that they get from undergoing proper sleep apnea treatment. The two therapies must be run in conjunction if they are to be successful.

For a tale of true success through weight loss, consider Ryan Daffer. Daffer is an Indiana man who once weighed in at 735lbs and was on the road to an early death as told by his doctors. Because of his extreme obesity, Daffer suffered from a variety of health conditions including sleep apnea. However, after losing 460lbs through diet and exercise, Daffer was able to resolve his sleep apnea and now sleeps safer than ever!

If you suffer from sleep apnea, whether you’re overweight or not, Dr. Roubal is ready to provide you with comfortable sleep apnea treatment that doesn’t involve CPAP. He can also refer you to other professionals who can work with you to understand the importance of diet and exercise in order to make weight loss a reality. Contact our Omaha dental office today for a sleep apnea treatment consultation!