Women with Sleep Apnea More Likely to Get Cancer, Study

Sleep is an essential piece in our body’s daily routine. It helps our body restore itself, remove waste, and regulate our metabolism. So it’s no surprise that when disrupts your sleep, the consequences for your health can be severe and far-ranging.

One of the potential effects of sleep […]

The Cost of Treatment

Sometimes we hear concerns from providers that oral appliances cost too much – either a perception of their own or one they hear from their patients.  In our office, the average out-ofw-pocket cost of treatment so far in 2018 is $972.  As a medical provider, everything we do goes through medical insurance, so everybody’s cost […]

Sleep Apnea Treatment Helps At-Risk Patients

’Sleep can increase your risk of ending up in the hospital for ’heart, ’diabetes’ complications, and even ’cancer’. But once you’re there, it remains a danger and can increase your risk of serious complications.

Fortunately, according to a new study, ’sleep can […]

Snoring and Short Sleep Linked to Poor Breast Cancer Survival

A new study shows that women who report ’snoring’ and getting too little sleep before their breast cancer diagnosis have much poorer survival rates than those who get enough sleep and don’t snore.

The researchers suggest that the connection could be that poor sleep drives inflammatory processes that can worsen cancer.

A […]

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