Central Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea after Stroke Is Associated with Stroke Recurrence

We’ve said it before: it’s not too late to get your sleep apnea treated after you’ve had a stroke. In fact, new research suggests that the stakes may be even higher after your first stroke. That’s because new research suggests that sleep apnea can significantly increase your risk of [...]

When CPAP Causes Sleep Apnea, How Can It Be Treated?

It’s a problem we’ve talked about before: when CPAP is used to treat obstructive sleep apnea, it may sometimes cause central sleep apnea (CSA). CSA is when your brain just stops telling your lungs to breathe. This causes a major treatment problem. Not only does it make people thoroughly dependent on [...]

Heart Failure Sleep Apnea Study Puzzles Reasearchers

It was designed to help patients who developed central sleep apnea after suffering a heart failure, but clinical trial results show that it did the opposite: caused early and sustained increases in patient deaths. This new insight shows how complex sleep apnea is and why we need multiple treatment options to ensure all [...]

Disposable C-PAP Masks for Sleep Apnea?

Most people agree that CPAP technology works well for patients who are able to tolerate it. Unfortunately, many people are unable to cope with the pressure sores, sense of claustrophobia and maddening noises often associated with CPAP-use. If you've watched television, recently, you may have seen a commercial touting a company which claims [...]