Daytime Sleepiness

Is Your Lack of Focus Related to Snoring?

Father not focused on his sonModern life requires a lot of focus. In your job, you’re expected to perform a singular task, or a small group of tasks, for a period of eight hours with only a limited number of breaks. In your commute, you’re expected to focus exclusively […]

Are Oral Appliances Effective?

A new study was published last week looking at the effectiveness of oral appliances in treating mild to moderate sleep apnea. The study actually showed that oral appliances were good at treating sleep apnea, but that's not the story that many media outlets are promoting.

So let's take a moment to look […]

Maybe Your Life Isn’t as Boring as You Think

Man bored at his office.Remember when life was exciting? You enjoyed life every day, and there were so many great things in it. You had an interesting job. You had friends you loved to hang out with. You had a thrilling love life. And you had dreams about the […]

Drowsy Driving Can Lead to Criminal Charges

Drowsy driving can be as bad as drunk driving. In fact, a person who is drowsy behind the wheel as a result of sleep apnea can have an impairment level similar to that of a drunk driver. However, only one state in the country (New Jersey) has a law specifically against drowsy driving.

But […]

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