Treating Sleep Apnea Reduces Diabetes Risk

We know that sleep apnea is linked to diabetes risk, including both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. There are still questions about whether sleep apnea actually causes diabetes, but the risk seems to be independent of shared risk factors like obesity.  [...]

Sleep Apnea Causes Major Disruptions in Body’s Metabolism

Sleep apnea can cause global disruptions in your body’s normal functioning. After all, breathing is about as basic a function as we have--everything depends on getting enough air to the body and brain. So it makes sense that when that’s not happening, everything could be disrupted. But now a new study which involved real-time [...]

Sleep Apnea Increases Retinopathy Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

As with sleep apnea, diabetes is a condition that can dramatically impact your overall health. As with sleep apnea, there is virtually no part of your body that is not impacted by your diabetes. So when you have both sleep apnea and diabetes, the impact to your health can be devastating. [...]

Sleep Apnea Makes Body Fat Even Unhealthier

Sleep apnea and obesity have a complex relationship. Obesity is a leading cause of sleep apnea, and many of the dangers of sleep apnea are also dangers of obesity. This has led some to argue that it is not sleep apnea that is dangerous, but obesity, with sleep apnea playing a [...]

Sleep Apnea Treatment Helps At-Risk Patients

Sleep apnea can increase your risk of ending up in the hospital for heart problems, diabetes complications, and even cancer. But once you’re there, it remains a danger and can increase your risk of serious complications. Fortunately, according to a new study, sleep apnea treatment [...]

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