Should You Be Worried About Your Headache?

If you’re suffering from an especially bad headache, you might hop online and do a quick search to see what might be the cause. More often than not, you’ll get alarming results like cancer or a brain tumor. These possibilities are highly unlikely and your headache is likely due to not drinking enough water [...]

Can “Sleep in a Bottle” Help You Get Rest?

If you find yourself feeling {{{{link id='63' text='sleepy during the day or waking up unrested'}}}}, you might be tempted to try an over-the-counter sleep aid. These herbal formulations promise to help you get a good night’s rest, but can they really help? The evidence is spotty about the effectiveness of these sleep aids, but [...]

Suffering From Frequent Headaches? Here are 11 Possible Causes

Suffering from frequent headaches can really impact your quality of life. Headaches can make everything in your life more difficult from your performance at work to your relationships at home. If you don’t feel well, it might seem like the only thing you’re great at doing is laying in bed with the lights off [...]

Morning Headaches: Causes and Cures

Many people wake up with a headache. The pain may be so severe that it interrupts your sleep, or you may be waking up at your normal time and find that you have a headache. There are many reasons why {{{{link id='1218' text='people experience waking up with a headache'}}}} from stress, dehydration, depression, anxiety, [...]

Effective Sleep Apnea Treatment Could Save up to $18B in Migraine Costs

Migraines are one of the most disabling common medical conditions in the world. Because they are relatively common, affecting about 16% of the population, the impact of migraines adds up quickly. And because some migraine sufferers may have migraines 15 days or more a month, they may experience ongoing disability for nearly half [...]

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