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Sleep Apnea Could Be a Risk Factor for Severe COVID-19

There are many mysteries surrounding the novel coronavirus and the condition it causes, termed COVID-19. One of the biggest, however, is why some people experience relatively minor symptoms while others develop severe symptoms requiring hospitalization in the ICU and potentially leading to death.  Now researchers in Finland believe they might have found at least [...]

Sleep Apnea Treatment Protects Your Immune System

If you are looking to improve your overall health, including increasing your resistance to disease, then it’s time to consider sleep apnea treatment. Sleep apnea is a potentially deadly condition that impacts essentially every system in the body, leading to widespread health problems. In particular, it can stress your immune system, [...]

New Study Shows Higher Risk of Vision Loss Linked to Sleep Apnea

Among the terrifying risks of sleep apnea is that it can make you go partially or fully blind. There are actually several ways that sleep apnea increases your risk of vision loss, but one of the most frightening is nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION). In this condition, you [...]

EHR Warning Improves Sleep Apnea Screening for Epilepsy Patients

Sleep apnea is closely linked to many serious health conditions. Even conditions for which it can’t be cited as a direct cause, sleep apnea can lead to worsened symptoms and worsened outcomes. This is the case for epilepsy. Patients with epilepsy and sleep apnea tend to experience more serious and more common [...]

“Why Does Everyone Always Think I’m Dead?” CPAP Played for Laughs on Roseanne

In an attempt to revive its ratings, ABC brought back one of its most groundbreaking comedies, Roseanne. When the producers were looking for a signature visual to enter the show and demonstrate just how much life had changed for the Connors, they decided on the revelation that Dan should be revealed to be wearing a [...]

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