Health Effects

Sleep Apnea Treatment Helps Control Epileptic Seizures

Sleep is critical to healthy brain function. If you aren’t getting good sleep, your brain will suffer a number of different types of dysfunction. We’ve often pointed to the risk of cognitive decline associated with sleep apnea, but one area that doesn’t receive enough attention is epilepsy. Sleep apnea [...]

Gestational Sleep Apnea Reduces Childhood Reading Ability

Although men are, overall, more likely to suffer from snoring and sleep apnea, we know that there are some times when women have an elevated risk of sleep apnea. One of these includes pregnancy. Sleep apnea during pregnancy, sometimes described as gestational sleep apnea, has [...]

Beauty Sleep Is More Than a Cliche: Sleep Apnea Can Impact Your Skin

Sleep is an essential part of your daily routine. It’s vital for your health and beauty. When you’re not able to get the sleep you need, your appearance will suffer, whether you’re losing sleep to stress or to sleep apnea. If you’re not getting enough sleep, it can dry your skin, accelerate the aging [...]

Shortened Sleep Leads to Wider Waistline

A new study reveals that people who get shorter sleep tend to have a wider waistline, even though they eat just as healthy as those who get more sleep. This reminds us of the complex interaction of weight, diet, and sleep. It also remind us that sleep apnea isn’t just caused [...]

CPAP Fails Again: Treatment Doesn’t Improve Heart Risks

We’ve already seen this conclusion before: CPAP treatment may help some aspects of sleep apnea, but it doesn’t ultimately improve heart disease risks. This is the conclusion of a new review of all available data. It shows that although it can improve sleep apnea symptoms, CPAP can’t be shown to improve [...]

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