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Oral Appliances as Effective as CPAP for Blood Pressure

The most serious health effect of sleep apnea is the damage and deterioration of the cardiovascular system. Heart damage, hardened arteries, and increased stroke risk are among the effects of sleep apnea, but the most easily detectable sign of impending cardiovascular injury is high blood pressure (hypertension).
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Do Snoring and Sleep Apnea during Pregnancy Affect the Fetus?

We know that many women who don’t otherwise snore will snore during pregnancy. This snoring may be a sign that they are experiencing sleep apnea. Now a new study shows that these sleep breathing problems also affect the baby’s oxygen supply.

The Effects of […]

Sleep Apnea Treatment Improves Cognition

According to a recently-published study, sleep apnea treatment improves cognition in patients. The study looked at a small number of patients, then gave them CPAP treatment for three months before measuring their cognitive responses again.

This study shows that, in addition to the [link id='2128' text='long-term impact of sleep apnea on […]

Sleep Apnea Treatment Controls Prediabetes

We know that sleep apnea contributes to metabolic disorders like diabetes, but we're still trying to figure out whether treating sleep apnea has a positive impact on these metabolic disorders. Now a new study shows that in as short as two weeks, sleep apnea treatment can improve glucose metabolism.

Effective Prediabetes […]

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