Health Effects

Sleep Apnea Leads to Early Onset Dementia

It's hard to say why some studies catch media attention and get broadcast widely while others do not. For years, the evidence has been mounting that sleep apnea contribute to brain damage, leading to memory problems. We even discovered an important mechanism that shows how sleep apnea can put a person at greater […]

Sleep Apnea Treatment and Surgical Recovery

Sleep apnea has a number of serious dangers for surgical patients. There are risks that when combined with anesthesia sleep apnea could cause patients to experience respiratory failure, pulmonary embolism, or other serious complications following surgery. Now a new study shows that, in some respects, at least, CPAP can help these […]

Why Would a Nephrologist Recommend a Sleep Appliance?

Somnomed Oral Appliance Somnomed Oral Appliance

We were recently contacted by a patient who had been referred to us by a nephrologist. A nephrologist is a kidney specialist, so why would a kidney doctor be recommending that someone get a sleep appliance. The answer is actually […]

Sleep Apnea Impairs Vision-Saving Medication

A recent study shows that people who respond poorly to a vision-saving medication for age-related macular degeneration are much more likely to have sleep apnea than those who respond well to the treatment. This study shows that sleep apnea treatment is a keystone of medical treatment with dramatic impact on virtually every body […]

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