Mental Health

Study Likely Underestimates the Occurrence of Sleep Apnea with Depression

We know that depression and sleep apnea go hand in hand. That’s why it’s a surprise that a new study finds a relatively low incidence of obstructive sleep apnea in the population. However, the design of the study likely accounts for the underestimation. The Study and Its Findings For [...]

Gestational Sleep Apnea Reduces Childhood Reading Ability

Although men are, overall, more likely to suffer from snoring and sleep apnea, we know that there are some times when women have an elevated risk of sleep apnea. One of these includes pregnancy. Sleep apnea during pregnancy, sometimes described as gestational sleep apnea, has [...]

Is Your Depression Really Sleep Apnea?

Because doctors are not especially mindful of sleep apnea, it’s common for sleep apnea to be misdiagnosed as other conditions, such as when the driver in a fatal Bronx train derailment was misdiagnosed as having low testosterone and hypothyroidism when he actually had sleep apnea. Now researchers are saying that many [...]