Should You Get Screened for Sleep Apnea if You Don’t Have Symptoms?

With the ongoing controversy about requiring truck drivers be tested and treated for sleep apnea, we are trying to decide who should be screened for the condition. We know for sure that people who are overweight, have large neck circumference, and a backward slanted jaw should be tested for sleep apnea [...]

Dr. Roubal Spreads Knowledge about Sleep Apnea

Last month, Dr. Roger Roubal spoke at a continuing education conference for Creighton University. The conference was held on November 13, and it was dedicated to educating primary care doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers about sleep apnea. Dr. Roubal sees speaking engagements as being a vital part of the mission [...]

Is Your Depression Really Sleep Apnea?

Because doctors are not especially mindful of sleep apnea, it’s common for sleep apnea to be misdiagnosed as other conditions, such as when the driver in a fatal Bronx train derailment was misdiagnosed as having low testosterone and hypothyroidism when he actually had sleep apnea. Now researchers are saying that many [...]

Sleep Apps Can Harm Sleep

We've already discussed that, unlike home sleep tests, smartphone apps that claim to track your sleep may not be very useful. Now a sleep health organization is saying they might even be harmful to your sleep. Inaccurate Results Probably the biggest potential problem for these apps is that they can be inaccurate. Most [...]