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Snake-Like Robot May Reduce Complications in Sleep Apnea Surgery

Surgery is typically considered a last-line treatment for sleep apnea. There are many reasons why it’s good to put surgery off. It’s an expensive treatment with a relatively low success rate. And even if it is initially successful, the results may decrease over time, so that people will develop [...]

New Disposable Patch Could Lead to Effortless Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

If you’re already the kind of person wearing a health tracker like a FitBit, the adaptation of these to help diagnose sleep apnea could have big benefits. But what if you’re not already using that kind of device? What medical technologies might help you get a quick and easy diagnosis of [...]

Oral Appliances Could Help Truckers Frustrated with CPAP

As federal regulations are requiring closer monitoring of truckers at risk for sleep apnea, many of them are expressing their frustration with the process. Not only are their irritated by the requirements for testing, but many of them are upset with having to wear their CPAP machine. They are irritated by [...]

FDA Clears Oral Appliance with Tracking

SomnoMed developed an oral appliance that allowed doctors, insurers, and other interested parties to monitor how often a person with sleep apnea was using their device. Last week, the FDA decided the device could be sold in the US. 510(K) Clearance The SomnoDent oral appliance with DentiTrac system was cleared through the FDA's [...]

Sleep Apps Can Harm Sleep

We've already discussed that, unlike home sleep tests, smartphone apps that claim to track your sleep may not be very useful. Now a sleep health organization is saying they might even be harmful to your sleep. Inaccurate Results Probably the biggest potential problem for these apps is that they can be inaccurate. Most [...]

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