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What is GABA and How is it Affected by Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea affects tens of millions of Americans, and its symptoms and health risks are well documented. But researchers are only beginning to understand the impacts of sleep apnea on the brain and brain function.

The results of a recent study at UCLA, however, further the knowledge about sleep apnea’s effects on brain […]

CPAP-Related Fires: Not a Side Effect You Really Have to Worry about

It’s a horrific story: your lifesaving piece of equipment suddenly turns life-threatening as the CPAP machine triggers a fire. That’s what a Chicago sleep apnea patient is claiming happened in the lawsuit he filed against his landlord and the medical equipment manufacturer who made his CPAP machine.

Although this type of […]

Vitamin D Likely Has no Link to Sleep Apnea

Some people have postulated that sleep apnea is linked to a vitamin D deficiency. This explanation has many positive aspects, especially because it gives an easy, convenient alternative to CPAP. All you have to do is take a vitamin supplement to reduce your sleep apnea.

Unfortunately, new research shows that there is […]

Dr. Roubal Spreads Knowledge about Sleep Apnea

Last month, Dr. Roger Roubal spoke at a continuing education conference for Creighton University. The conference was held on November 13, and it was dedicated to educating primary care doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers about sleep apnea.

Dr. Roubal sees speaking engagements as being a vital part of the mission […]

Dr. Roubal Shares Sleep Apnea Information on KETV-7

This week, Dr. Roubal was featured in a KETV-7 News story about sleep apnea. The focus of the story was the case of 44-year-old Council Bluffs firefighter Jeremy Dankiw.

Dr. Roubal in the news

Draining His Energy

Dankiw didn’t realize he had sleep apnea. What he did […]

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