Why Your Snoring Might Be Worse Around the Holidays

Have you noticed that you’re getting more complaints from your spouse than usual about your snoring? If so, then the holidays may be to blame. There are many reasons why you might experience worse snoring during the holidays. Maybe It’s Getting Noticed More The problem might actually not be that your snoring is [...]

Match Made in Heaven: Woman Sleeps through Boyfriend’s Snoring

It’s common for spouses and significant others to be the first line of warning when someone is a snorer. The loud volume of snoring keeps them from sleeping in many cases, but this isn’t always true. Just as you can often sleep through your own snoring, your cosleeper may also stay [...]

Lack of Sleep Increases Emotional Responses

If you’ve ever spent a morning arguing with your spouse about which spoon goes in the sugar bowl or who was supposed to set the coffeemaker last night, you’re familiar with the explanation that the cause of most fights among couples is “Nothing.” Most fights aren’t about anything significant, and certainly not anything as important [...]

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Maybe Your Life Isn’t as Boring as You Think

Remember when life was exciting? You enjoyed life every day, and there were so many great things in it. You had an interesting job. You had friends you loved to hang out with. You had a thrilling love life. And you had dreams about the future. But now it seems like everything is changed, and [...]

What If the Last Woman on Earth Used CPAP?

In the new Fox comedy The Last Man on Earth, Phil Miller thinks he's the only person who survived a deadly virus that swept the earth in the year 2020. Then he discovers he's not alone. He meets a young woman, Carol Pilbasian, and the two of them get married in order to repopulate the [...]

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