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Increased Risk for Heart Disease among Women with Sleep Apnea

Although we tend to think of snoring and sleep apnea as something that men suffer from, it’s not uncommon for women to develop these conditions, too. And some research indicates that women might suffer more severe consequences as a result. One study suggests {{{{link id='6343' text='women’s cancer risk may be linked to sleep apnea' [...]

By |October 20th, 2021|Sleep Apnea|

Migraines vs. Sleep Apnea Headaches

If you find yourself waking up with a migraine or headache every morning, this isn’t normal. In fact, it might be an indicator that you have sleep apnea. Migraines often occur in the morning, upon awakening, similar to {{{{link id='1218' text='sleep apnea headaches' esc_html='false'}}}}. So how can you tell whether you are suffering from [...]

The Connection Between Sleep Apnea and Weight Loss

Sleep apnea is one of the most common types of sleep disorders. When you think you’re fast asleep at night, you’re actually waking up sometimes up to 300 times per night to catch your breath and start breathing again. Sleep apnea occurs when the airway becomes obstructed. In a lot of cases, the obstruction is [...]

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