Headaches Might Be Your Only Sleep Apnea Symptom

There are many potential symptoms of sleep apnea. Most people experience daytime sleepiness, loss of energy, and memory problems as their most significant symptoms. But a small number of people may experience sleep apnea headaches without getting other symptoms. We're not sure why this is, but people must take morning headaches seriously [...]

Many Tested for Sleep Apnea May Be Misclassified

Sleep apnea is potentially deadly, but it is treatable. However, people can only get treated if they know they have the condition. Unfortunately, most people with sleep apnea, perhaps 80%, remain undiagnosed. Therefore, matching people with proper diagnostic tools is critical to ensure people avoid the potential dangers of sleep apnea.  Home [...]

New Study Strengthens Link between Sleep Apnea and Worse COVID-19 Outcomes

Last year, we discussed an early article proposing that sleep apnea significantly increased risks of COVID hospitalization. However, we believed this study had several problems. First, it had too small a population size. Second, it was in early review and hadn’t yet been through peer review (the process when other scientists [...]

Increased Risk for Heart Disease among Women with Sleep Apnea

Although we tend to think of snoring and sleep apnea as something that men suffer from, it’s not uncommon for women to develop these conditions, too. And some research indicates that women might suffer more severe consequences as a result. One study suggests {{{{link id='6343' text='women’s cancer risk may be linked to sleep apnea' [...]

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