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CPAP Nightstand Designed to Keep Bedroom from Looking Like a Hospital Ward

As more people understand the severity of sleep apnea, they are seeking treatment for the condition. However, the most common treatment, CPAP, is a bulky piece of equipment. It can make your bedroom look cluttery, or potentially like a hospital ward. Either outcome probably contributes to your reluctance to try CPAP. Fortunately, more manufacturers [...]

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Dr. Roubal Shared His Memories on Boomer Radio

Recently, Dr. Roger Roubal went on Boomer radio and talked with DJ Jack Swanda on Boomer Radio. He shared memories of his youth growing up on a farm near Howells. He talked about many aspects of his childhood, including his life on the farm, his education, his cars, and his favorite music. And along the [...]

By |September 18th, 2019|Sleep Apnea|

Could Sleep Apnea Be Why You’re Not Losing Winter Weight?

Many of us are accustomed to putting on a few pounds of winter weight. Fewer opportunities to exercise, combined with all the food-heavy holidays, plus a little bit of comfort eating to counter some seasonal moodiness has a tendency to leave us all a little heavier by the time spring rolls around (despite the attempt [...]

Sleep Apnea Treatment Slows Chronic Kidney Disease

Sleep apnea has the potential to impact our entire body. This includes our kidneys. We’ve talked before about how people have had sleep appliances recommended by their nephrologist (kidney specialist). And we’ve looked at how science continues to strengthen the link between kidney disease and sleep apnea. Now we [...]

Is Sleep Apnea a Factor in Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) of Young Athletes?

Sudden cardiac death (SCD) of young athletes is a serious concern. The risks are remarkably high for these supposedly healthy individuals. Although these people are supposed to be among the healthiest in our society, they can die at alarmingly high rates. Some groups experience an SCD for an athlete of as high as one in [...]

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