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Treatment Improves Quality of Life If You Have Mild Sleep Apnea

Most of the time, we focus on the dangerous impacts sleep apnea has on your health. It’s hard not to take it seriously when people with moderate or severe sleep apnea have an elevated death risk. But beyond the health risks, sleep apnea can significantly impact your quality of [...]

Nightmares Waking You May Actually Be Sleep Apnea

If you are waking up with nightmares on a regular basis, these may not actually be the main problem. Instead, it may be sleep apnea that is the primary cause of your waking, and you need to talk to a doctor or sleep dentist. Night Terrors, Nightmares and Possible Causes [...]

Treating Sleep Apnea Saves Trucking Company Money

You may (or may not) remember a few years ago when the trucking industry was up in arms about new potential rules requiring truck drivers be screened for sleep apnea. Lobbying groups got the Department of Transportation (DOT) to put the rule on hold pending more study and/or legislation. [...]

CPAP Nightstand Designed to Keep Bedroom from Looking Like a Hospital Ward

As more people understand the severity of sleep apnea, they are seeking treatment for the condition. However, the most common treatment, CPAP, is a bulky piece of equipment. It can make your bedroom look cluttery, or potentially like a hospital ward. Either outcome probably contributes to your reluctance to try CPAP. Fortunately, more manufacturers [...]

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Dr. Roubal Shared His Memories on Boomer Radio

Recently, Dr. Roger Roubal went on Boomer radio and talked with DJ Jack Swanda on Boomer Radio. He shared memories of his youth growing up on a farm near Howells. He talked about many aspects of his childhood, including his life on the farm, his education, his cars, and his favorite music. And along the [...]

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