Mouth Taping: What You Need to Know Before Trying This Snoring Solution

Mouth taping is an at-home snoring solution that we recommend to some people. But there are some things to be aware of before you try it. First, always speak to a sleep dentist before trying anything new. While we sometimes recommend this solution, it's not suitable for everyone. Trying it on your own can [...]

7 Things to Try Before You Buy a Snoring Remedy

These days, everyone is trying to sell you a snoring remedy. However, the over the counter remedies usually don’t offer much effectiveness at all. This results in spending tons of money on treatments that don’t work. Lucky for you, we can help you save yourself from spending tons of money and time [...]

Community Matters

This week our Omaha sleep dentist was featured on 1110 KFAB discussing sleep apnea and snoring issues and treatments, and White House COVID Task Force member Dr. John Fleming responding to reports of a coronavirus vaccine available within the next two months.

Advocates Say “Sleep Divorce” Is Healthy, But Watch for Warning Signs

In recent years, the phrase “sleep divorce” has become more common as couples seek to sleep apart.Often, the goal is for one partner to avoid the snoring of the other. Many advocates are saying that this is a normal and healthy way for couples to sleep. However, there are also many [...]

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How Loud Is “Loud” Snoring?

If you’ve done any research into sleep apnea and snoring, you’ve probably learned that loud snoring is considered a risk factor for sleep apnea.  But how loud is loud snoring? When should you be concerned about it? The truth might surprise you. It’s probably not as loud as you think, and your [...]

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