Snoring Device Scam Not Evident Until You Try to Return It

People trying to get relief from snoring often get discouraged because it seems like nothing will help. Often, they feel like they’ve tried everything because they have tried many things: lifestyle changes and dozens of nasal strips, mouthpieces, and various other devices.

What is most frustrating about these devices is that not only […]

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NHS to Eliminate Snoring Surgery As a “Risky,” “Expensive” Procedure

Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is constantly evaluating the procedures that it performs. Partly, this is driven by cost. The NHS is expensive, and British media constantly tries to embarrass the service because it’s providing unnecessary procedures. But partly it’s driven by the philosophy of evidence-based medicine.

The NHS is constantly evaluating the procedures it provides […]

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Success Story Shows How Sleep Apnea Treatment Can Turn Your Life Around

We love hearing from our patients about the impact that sleep apnea treatment has had on their lives. We talk a lot about the long-term consequences of sleep apnea, but often the most important benefits of sleep apnea treatment are just in the day-to-day routine. When you get your sleep apnea treated, […]

Man Sentenced to Electronic Monitoring in Snoring-Related Guitar Attack

We bring it up often when we talk about the risks of snoring: snoring is a common factor leading to domestic violence. The results can be serious, both for the attacker and the attacked, as is the case for a couple in Scotland, where a wife’s snoring (yes, women are snorers, too) led […]

Snoring Can Damage Your Carotid Arteries

When considering the serious health consequences of not being able to breathe properly in sleep, we normally focus on sleep apnea. That’s because the severity of risk associated with sleep apnea is very high. It’s linked to mental and mood disorders, metabolic disorders, and cardiovascular problems.

But even simple snoring […]

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