Recorded Snoring Can Be Used to Predict Sleep Apnea

We all know that snoring is a warning sign for dangerous sleep apnea, and that people who snore should consider talking to their doctor or a sleep dentist about sleep apnea. But what is the point at which snoring really becomes a concern, and when should people see their snoring as […]

7 (Terrible) Excuses for Not Treating Snoring

We work hard to try to get people to understand why they should get snoring treatment, but we keep running into all the excuses that people use to avoid getting treatment. These are terrible excuses, and they prevent people from getting the potentially lifesaving treatment they need. Here’s why these common excuses aren’t […]

By |June 8th, 2016|Snoring|

Snoring and Short Sleep Linked to Poor Breast Cancer Survival

A new study shows that women who report snoring and getting too little sleep before their breast cancer diagnosis have much poorer survival rates than those who get enough sleep and don’t snore.

The researchers suggest that the connection could be that poor sleep drives inflammatory processes that can worsen cancer.

A […]

Match Made in Heaven: Woman Sleeps through Boyfriend’s Snoring

It’s common for spouses and significant others to be the first line of warning when someone is a snorer. The loud volume of snoring keeps them from sleeping in many cases, but this isn’t always true. Just as you can often sleep through your own snoring, your cosleeper may also stay […]

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