The Uvula Can Make Snoring Worse, But What Is It Really For?

The uvula is the dangling structure at the back of your soft palate. It's very visible if you open your mouth and look back into your throat. It's technically known as the palatine uvula, but since the other uvulae aren't visible, most people know this is what you're talking about if you just say "uvula." [...]

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NHS to Eliminate Snoring Surgery As a “Risky,” “Expensive” Procedure

Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is constantly evaluating the procedures that it performs. Partly, this is driven by cost. The NHS is expensive, and British media constantly tries to embarrass the service because it’s providing unnecessary procedures. But partly it’s driven by the philosophy of evidence-based medicine. The NHS is constantly evaluating the procedures [...]

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Snake-Like Robot May Reduce Complications in Sleep Apnea Surgery

Surgery is typically considered a last-line treatment for sleep apnea. There are many reasons why it’s good to put surgery off. It’s an expensive treatment with a relatively low success rate. And even if it is initially successful, the results may decrease over time, so that people will develop [...]