CPAP Can Make Sleeping Problems Worse

Although ’CPAP’ is supposed to help you get better sleep by treating your sleep apnea, it doesn’t always work. In fact, many people, especially those with mild ’sleep, often experience significantly worse sleep after they start using CPAP.

Why CPAP Can Make Sleeping Worse

Although CPAP can be a very effective treatment


New York Expands Sleep Apnea Screening for Railway Employees

After the success of its initial sleep apnea screening program, the Metro Transit Authority (MTA) of New York has announced it will expand the screening program to include all railway drivers. This is before screening rules for all commercial drivers will likely go into effect following the public commentary period.

Recommendations Following a Deadly Accident

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New Snoring Treatment Cleared for Sale in US

Although there are currently many ’snoring available, now there’s one more. Recently, the FDA cleared Rhinomed’s Mute technology for sale in the US. The technology claims to be able to expand the nostrils to improve air flow, resulting in reduced snoring.

More Effective Than Breathing Strips

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