Migraines vs. Sleep Apnea Headaches

Migraines often occur in the morning, upon awakening, similar to sleep apnea headaches. So how can you tell whether you are suffering from migraines or sleep apnea headaches?

Sleep Apnea Headaches

Sleep apnea headaches typically occur in the morning, immediately upon awakening. They occur often, perhaps 50% of the time or more. It


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Calf Exercises for Snoring?

New research indicates that calf exercise might reduce snoring. Although the idea might sound crazy, and it definitely needs more research before we can embrace it, it's not actually that far-fetched.

Calf Exercises Reduce Snoring

Researchers looked at the effect of fluid accumulation in the legs on snoring. The theory goes that if fluid accumulates


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Sleep Apnea Treatment Better Than Drugs for ED

According to the results of a recent study, men with sleep apnea who have erectile dysfunction (ED) benefit more from sleep apnea treatment than they do from ED drugs.

Small Study of Two Treatments

Man with erectile dysfunctionThe study by Australian researchers selected 61 men from Melbourne and


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