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Sleep apnea is a draining condition that limits one’s ability to achieve adequate, restful sleep. What sleep you do get is fragmented, preventing the recuperation required in order to function well throughout the day. For some, CPAP treatment provides a welcome solution, using a mask through which air is pumped in order to prevent the airway from collapsing. For many, however, the inconveniences associated with its use and maintenance are simply too much. In fact, over the long term, only 50% of people end up using their CPAP regularly. Luckily, alternative treatments are available. If you’re interested in other forms of sleep apnea treatment, such as the safe and effective oral appliance therapy (OAT), Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center can help.

CPAP can be a great solution for people for whom it works, but for people who find it too cumbersome, uncomfortable, or inconvenient to use regularly, oral appliances are a great alternative. They work by slightly moving the lower jaw down and forward, in a sense anchoring it as is done in CPR, so that you’re able to freely breathe all throughout the night. Check out this video to see exactly how the oral appliance does this!

CPAP Alternatives

Micro O2 DeviceMany people wonder, is there an alternative to CPAP? Oral appliance therapy (OAT) has been long recognized throughout the dental world as the best CPAP alternative treatment and according to the 2015 guidelines issued by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM), oral appliances are recommended for any patient who is CPAP intolerant or who prefers alternate therapy. Oral appliances are worn at night and are generally compared to mouthpieces. They are designed in such a way that they move the lower jaw forward which then moves the soft tissues of the throat, such as the tongue, forward as well. We work with many appliance lines in our office. Click here to see a partial list.

With oral appliance therapy, our patients routinely report life-changing results, including sleeping better, having more energy, and no more snoring! Check out this video to see watch a few patient stories of their experience with sleep apnea and oral appliance therapy.

Why You Might Need a CPAP Alternative

It’s not uncommon for people to get diagnosed with sleep apnea, prescribed a CPAP, and continue to suffer sleep apnea symptoms. This is because it’s hard to adhere to a CPAP sleep apnea treatment. People who can’t tolerate a CPAP live without treatment and are at risk for complications that can arise with untreated sleep apnea. Our policy at the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center is that the best sleep apnea treatment is the one you will use. If you don’t use your treatment every night, you aren’t keeping yourself healthy. So, the number one reason why you might need a CPAP alternative is that you can’t adhere to your treatment. Here are common reasons why people switch to Oral Appliance Therapy.

  • CPAP machine is too loud
  • CPAP mask is too uncomfortable
  • CPAP mask doesn’t allow you to sleep in your preferred position
  • You feel claustrophobic when you wear your CPAP mask
  • The continuous air dries out your mouth and lips
  • You feel bloated in the morning from the airflow

If you suffer from any of these common CPAP woes, you may be a good candidate for Oral Appliance Therapy. An oral appliance is also a good CPAP alternative for people who:

  • Camp or backpack
  • Travel to remote locations for work
  • Travel overnight and need to sleep on an airplane, train, or bus

If you’re looking for a CPAP alternative in Omaha, we are here to help.

Do CPAP Alternatives Have You Wondering or Confused?

Are you interested in learning more about oral appliances? If you live in the Omaha area or can travel to our Omaha office, and you’re unsure if an oral appliance is right for you, use our contact form or call our dental sleep office at (402) 493-4175. Patients can also book online in order to set up an appointment to discuss CPAP and CPAP alternatives. Don’t let your sleep apnea go untreated! The Doctors at Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center can help find the ideal treatment that you need.

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