Perdue Woodworking, a South Dakota manufacturer, is introducing a new nightstand designed specifically to hold CPAP equipment, according to the Furniture Times. The nightstand will be introduced at the industry’s trade show January 26-30.

Keeping Everything Out of Sight

The nightstand was designed by J.P. Engler, who suffers from sleep apnea and uses CPAP to treat it. He was unhappy with the way the equipment, in his words, “makes your bedroom look like a hospital ward.” In this new nightstand, there is a shelf for the CPAP machine, along with a second shelf for supplementary equipment, such as cleaning supplies, distilled water for the humidifier, and extra hoses and masks.

The cabinet has slots that allow the hoses to thread through the side of the nightstand, so the equipment can remain hidden, even when you’re wearing the mask.

There is also enough room in the nightstand for two machines, so that a couple who were both using CPAP could store their equipment inside the nightstand together, although arranging it so that the hoses would not get tangled may be a bit of a challenge.

Sleep Apnea Treatment That Doesn’t Require Dedicated Furniture

CPAP is the right sleep apnea treatment for some people, but for many others, there is a better way to treat your sleep apnea, one that doesn’t require a piece of bedroom furniture to hide it.

Oral appliance therapy can be as effective as CPAP for many people, and it just requires a small case, no larger than one you might use for reading glasses.

The basic problem in sleep apnea is that your airway collapses at night. Because the soft tissue of your airway is supported largely by your jaw when you sleep, repositioning your jaw can help your airway stay open. An oral appliance is something  you put in your mouth that holds your jaw forward so your airways stay open better.

This simple solution also means there are no hoses, no pumps, and no need for additional humidifiers.

To learn whether you are a candidate for this simpler solution to sleep apnea, please contact the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center in Omaha today.