The CPAP machine, or simply ‘CPAP’, as it is often abbreviated, is truly the gold standard method used in treating patients with sleep apnea. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is the most widely used sleep apnea treatment method because, when a patient can comply with the treatment, it is extremely effective at keeping sleep apneics safe while they sleep. The machine requires that the patient wear a mask while sleeping, which is connected to a machine via an air hose. The CPAP machine delivers a continuous and steady flow of air throughout the hose that is pressured by the CPAP machine. With this continuous airflow the patient never has to worry about not breathing at night.

Find yourself thinking, "I hate CPAP"? You're not alone.

Even though the CPAP machine is the go-to treatment for sleep apnea, many patients do not do well with it. Among many issues, patients who are fitted with a CPAP often complain of the discomfort that is caused by it. Many are unable to sleep properly because of the need to wear a mask while others are often unable to get to sleep due to the noise that the CPAP makes. Others complain about rashes caused by the mask or frustration with the straps that hold the mask in place.

Whatever the reason, if a patient does not comply with CPAP treatment, it is not an effective method for treating sleep apnea. These patients must find a CPAP alternative.

CPAP Alternatives

For those patients who do not do well using the CPAP machine there are many companies who have created other treatment methods. The best alternative to CPAP is the use of oral appliance therapy (OAT). OAT has been long recognized throughout the dental world as the best alternative treatment. Oral appliances are worn at night and are generally compared to mouthpieces. They are designed in such a way that they move the lower jaw forward which then moves the soft tissues of the throat, such as the tongue, forward as well.

Does the CPAP Have You Wondering or Confused?

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