Most people agree that CPAP technology works well for patients who are able to tolerate it. Unfortunately, many people are unable to cope with the pressure sores, sense of claustrophobia and maddening noises often associated with CPAP-use.

If you’ve watched television, recently, you may have seen a commercial touting a company which claims to provide members brand new CPAP masks via mail every single month. According to the advertisement, because these masks are new and flexible, they fit better, which supposedly allows them to quell the frustrating noises typically associated with CPAP machines.

Can they do what they say?

Since mail-order masks aren’t tailored to fit the contours of each patient’s face, they can’t possibly have a significant impact on the squealing and snorting sounds associated with CPAP breathing. Even if you were lucky enough to receive a mask that fit well; you’d still be forced to endure pressure sores, rashes, and the claustrophobic feeling that can come with CPAP-use, not to mention still having to wrestle with an air hose

Although CPAP works for some, most people can’t tolerate it. For an alternative treatment, contact Dr. Roubal's office today. When treating sleep apnea, Dr. Roubal provides each patient with personal, one-on-one attention. This helps him craft a treatment plan tailored to each patient’s needs. You won’t get that from a faceless mail-order company.