A Highly Advanced Way To Treat Sleep Apnea

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Would you ever think that it was possible to use your own genes and your body’s own natural reaction to treat sleep apnea? Though it seems like science fiction, the introduction of the DNA appliance into the dental world has brought about an entirely new treatment option for permanently treating sleep apnea. While oral appliances work effectively in treating the condition, the DNA appliance is able to actually cure it by permanently reshaping the inside arches of the mouth to actually grow the airway and prevent obstruction.

Acrylic upper DNA appliance
The acrylic version of the DNA Appliance

How The DNA Appliance Treats Sleep Apnea

Due to developmental problems in childhood, many patients have misshapen or underdeveloped midfacial bones including the maxilla, which can mean that the “boney box” of the mouth is too narrow. This means that there isn’t a lot of room for the tongue and other soft tissues of the mouth, so a patient’s airway can easily become obstructed. With the use of the DNA appliance, these structural problems can be fixed by actually promoting new bone growth at the sutures between the bones in the jaw and face.

The main concept behind the DNA appliance is that we are all born with genes that promote perfect alignment of the facial, mouth, and jaw bones. However, certain factors, such as excessive thumb sucking, excessive bottle feeding, and others, stunt the bone growth or manipulate it entirely, which then cause the bones to not form correctly. The DNA appliance aims to fix these problems working by putting a set amount of pressure on the target area which then alerts the body to grow more bone in these areas. The induction of new bone growth often allows for the fix needed in order to expand the maxilla or fix any problems within the midfacial bones that may be causing airway obstruction.

What makes the DNA Appliance unique is that this is all done non-surgically and without cementing metal brackets to the teeth as in traditional orthodontics. In fact, the appliance doesn’t even have to be worn 24 hours a day. Instead, it is worn in the evening and while the patient sleeps.

DNA Appliance – Innovative, Natural and Effective!

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